I’m a writer, poet and traveller, who, while loves partying all week long and often found tipsy over the weekends. I’ve made the decision to visit every continent atleast once before I turn 30. Not many years in my hands now – and I’ve covered a bit of Europe, Africa and Asia – and the adventure seems more than doable. For the moment, at least.

Having lived in India whole of my life hopping between Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and being and auditor by profession I have developed this instinct of travelling at a very young age and I feel the need to move around when things start getting dull – with no sparks. I have determined to make at least 2 friends in each country I travel in all the continents, completing my bucket list of adrenaline rush activities (Until now I have ticked off Hang-gliding, River rafting and Shark Cage diving and more to come). For more lofty aspirations, see my bucket list.

In 2014,  I started my travel journey outside India and travelled to Jordan, Italy, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, UK, Austria and South Africa till now.

I’m now working in Mumbai, but will travel as much as I can in the meantime – saving every buck for the next travel now. Follow along as I attempts to share my travel journeys with you, exploring all the time….

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