Souvenirs Idea from Russia!!!

Matryoshka doll


Matryoshka is the best known and most popular Russian souvenir. It is a set of painted wooden dolls of decreasing sizes one hidden inside another. The number of nested figures usually varies from three to ten, but in some rare cases can reach 50 and even more. Traditional matryoshka doll represents a woman dressed in a Russian peasant dress wearing a scarf on her head.

Pavlovo Posad shawls


A perfect present for any female friend or relative. These beautifully designed and colourful scarves can either spruce up the outfit of a young lady by being worn around the neck or serve to make your grandma look even cuter and keep her nice and snug by being worn around the head.



This traditional red, black and gold Russian design generally painted onto wooden household items dates back to the 18th century. If you haven’t much space in your luggage pick up a spoon and sugar pot, or if you have space for more you can find almost anything with khokhloma on from tea trays to kitchen tables.

Lacquer boxes


Russian lacquer boxes are some of the finest Russian handicrafts still produced here. Creating the distinctive shiny black layer using many coats of lacquer and then painting on the front minute scenes from Russian fairytales and folklore, requires skilled masters. Usually the real ones feel a lot heavier than regular painted wooden boxes and should have the signature of the artist on both sides of the lid.

Russian chocolate and sweets

IMG_7136 IMG_7138IMG_7140

During your Moscow Tour don’t miss the chance to enjoy different sorts of confectionery, chocolate and sweets.

Pastila – a treasure from the Russian oven


Moscow tour guide will certainly advice you to taste pastila – delicious confectionery, which has been known in Russia since the XVI century. Kolomna, which is considered to be one of the oldest towns of Moscow area, claims to be the home town of it. Apple source made from the special sourish sort of apples Antonovka  lies at the heart of its recipe. Such ingredients as honey and berries give pastila its sweet, rich and slightly sour taste. Egg whites, added to the recipe, make this desert more light and tender. Sweet tooth will enjoy the museum of pastila in Kolomna, where visitors can learn about the technology of baking pastila in traditional Russian oven and buy different sorts of it.

Russian vodka


Even if you are in Russia for the first time during your Moscow tour you probably heard something about Russian vodka. The best vodka brands come out under the Russky standart label although Ladoga and Berozka are also good brands. For something more touristy look out for Kalashnikov or Matrioshka vodka in special shaped bottles.

Shapka Ushanka


If you want to look as much a tourist as possible during your time in Russia, but cool beyond belief back home, then of course you need to get a Russian fur hat or shapka ushanka with ear flaps.

Faberge Eggs


Willing to get a Faberge egg? The cost of such a lovely souvenir can be around 10-20 millions USD. Does it sound a bit pricey? You might go for a much cheaper option and get a replica.

Russian Dolls


Russian cloth dolls need no introduction for Russians — they all represent different unique regions of Russia viz., Georgia, Kazan, Finns, Udmurts, Ukraine, Siberia and many other sub-regions and ethnicities.

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