Apricot Harvest – Wachau Valley

Why do we all travel?
To relax, to rejuvenate, to experience new things, to meet new people or to find new meaning to your life? Well. For me its basically everything mentioned above.

But, on my recent trip to Vienna,when I was driving to Wachau region for a wine trail experience, something bad happened and the plan got cancelled and came up a new plan on the way. The Apricot harvest festival of Krems. And me being more of a fruit lover than wine got excited again and all the way more :D.

So this is my post, wherein I’m just diverting everyone’s attention that there is more to Wachau than danube and wines (though both these experiences are a must to do :)).

Yes, so apricots, never tasted them much in India because what we get in India is mostly the dried form of them which frankly I don’t like at all.

But this one fruit in particular has achieved fame in its own right, the apricot, or ‘Marille’ in Austrian dialect.

The Wachauer Marille even has a special label to distinguish it from ‘normal’ Marille. The climate, soil and the differences in temperature between day and night, especially during the ripening phase, make the Wachauer Marille of top-notch quality.

Welcome to Krems… The city of Apricots…!!

In July and August, it’s time for the harvest and there will be no place in the Wachau region that won’t serve you a dish or drink with Marille processed in it somehow.

From jams to dumplings in various dough’s, strudels, cakes and chutneys and from juices, liqueurs or schnapps to even ice cream and chocolate, the Austrians go wild for their apricots! They even organize a yearly ‘Alles Marille Fest’ (‘Everything Apricot Festival) in the town of Krems (which of course we visited).

The Orange fervor of Apricots.. all around the city of Krems.
The Orange fervor of Apricots.. all around the city of Krems.
The yummy Apricots.. too tough to decide what to have and what to leave..!!
Then I finally decided to go with dumplings with apricot fillings and apricot chutney on sides 😀 😀
And also got a couple of jars of Apricots marmalade.. 😀 😀

Though best part, of-course apart from the yummy apricots was the festive fever on the people.


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