What Not To Do In London!!!

Alright, so you are getting stern looks from the locals. May be its time when you check your “Not-to-do” list for that city.

Perhaps I can, from my personal experience, can guide you for few should not be done by tourists when you are in LONDON.

1. DO NOT stand on the left on escalators.1

Yes as a mandate, you should always keep the left as the ‘passing lane’ for the people in more of a hurry than you to pass you by. Don’t get in their way. Stand on the right. Please.

2. DO NOT Jump any kind of queue

Do you want to make Londoners mad? Really? Yeah, I don’t think so either, now you should get to the back of the fucking queue.

3. DO NOT talk with Loud Volume

British people often complain how some tourists speak few notches louder on the volume scale than Londoners do. It’s not intentional – it’s just the way many Indians (may be Americans & Australians too) are. We’re loud. But when in London – try to turn it down by few notches.

4. DO NOT talk on phone in public transport

I always had my neighbor on public transport complaining to me about how the person in front of us is talking/talking loud on his phone on public transport. My advice would be even keep your ringtone also at low volume or rather on vibration mode to avoid any irritated glances in your direction.

5. DO NOT Barge into a train

If there was an Award for Etiquette, British would have earned without a doubt. It’s something they aren’t only good at but are proud of too. Allowing the passengers to disembark off the train first before hopping into it is a part of normal politeness and etiquette for British, and be ready to face their wrath if you decide to go against their etiquette on their land.

6. DO NOT Complain About the Rain

Yes, it can rain at any moment in London and it doesn’t rain that much at all. But, there is no need to complain about it, just carry an umbrella and be prepared. London in the rain is even more beautiful and sublime.

7. DO NOT complain about your Neighborhood or Hotel

Either do a thorough research on the neighborhood or the hotel you are going to stay in London or just stay without complaining. As Londoners are very loyal about their place and may not like any complain against the Hotel, the neighborhood or anything about London.

8. DO NOT walk too slow.

Or too fast. Its better that you stay off the pavements if you think you are lost and looking into your maps while blocking the way of other people.

9. DO NOT flash your cash

Do not take out all your money out while paying to any street vendor or anywhere in the crowd. I understand London cash is bit difficult to figure out, but still, Always keep a running tally in your head so you don’t have to whip out your cash and start counting. Always keep your handbag zipped up. You need to be vigilant at all times and beware of pickpockets as no-one wants to lose their valuables and sometimes irreplaceable items.

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