Trip to Palande Beach

It was Thursday evening when my phone beeped and there was the plan to Palande ready for me. The plan was already there and I had to be a part of it when I didn’t even know what actually Palande is because even the Google was showing the results of Palande Courier Service in Mumbai. So it’s when I asked my friend I came to know that it’s a beach somewhere on the western coast in Maharashtra.

Situated 10 km from Dapoli, Palande beach provides a quite and a peaceful experience. It is an isolated stretch that is lined with a mountain on its east. With natural harbor, clear waters, beautiful seascape and black sand coasts, it promises to be a place for pleasurable holidays.

The Serene Palande Beach

Palande is a lesser known beach amongst the long stretch of Dapoli beaches extending from Kolthare to Kelshi. Palande is tucked between the famous Murud beach and the Harnai beach famous for the fish auctions. It is a flat beach typical of the beaches in this region and recently is being promoted as a water sports and adventure destination though as we reached just in time for sunset, we could not see any such activities happening.

The journey began in Pune in a self-driven rented car from ZoomCar at around 11am and thus started a very scenic journey and a chain of in-the-car selfies :P.

Water Color Paintings on the way to Palande Beach
Water Color Paintings on the way to Palande Beach

Though the distance was just around 200kms from Pune to Palande beach but the mountain curves, the village roads and a few wrong turns made it well over 6 hour drive, but nevertheless it was worth it after we could see our very beautiful destination.

The walk on the Black Sand on the palande beach was magical

The weather was good for a summer evening as we reached at around 5pm with relatively very less humidity as compared to another coastal area where I live, Mumbai. We checked into our pre-booked room in a homestay which was not that expensive in 1500/- per day, as the room was pretty large enough to accommodate 4 with 2 queen size beds and extra bedding was also available on request. After freshening up we decided to have the beach feel by getting into the water but then had to retreat our steps back as we were starving and the homestay caretaker has made us yummy kanda-poha and tea.

The Perfect Sunset view from homestay at Palande Beach
The Perfect Sunset view from homestay at Palande Beach
The beautiful sunset at Palande beach
The beautiful sunset at Palande beach

After the food we jumped in the water again. The black sand of the beach was smooth and due to the solidarity of the beach it was very clean as well. You can walk in the water to a long distance as the sea bed is flat and water is not deep, also we saw barely high tides and hence even a non-swimmer and not a big fan of beaches like me was in the water and enjoying it at the same time.

The perfect way to enjoy the sunset is sitting on the beach with waves coming and touching your feet while you are bidding adieu to the sun of the day.

The night at the beach is very lonely and silent but gives you ample of options to enjoy, you can enjoy the bonfire (can be easily arranged by any home-stay or resort you are booked in) or you can enjoy a couple of drinks sitting on the beach or just sit or take a stroll and enjoy the sound of the sea waves and all the things nature has to offer which we miss experiencing amidst the hustle bustle of the city life. You will love to spend your relaxing vacations here by exploring the deserted beaches and feasting on delicious sea food.

Another fun activity at the beach

Overall, Palande beach is an ideal getaway of tourists looking for Virgin beaches and some time for themselves.

P.S.: Just be careful, as it is an isolated beach you can also experience anti-social elements there. We while taking a walk on the beach got lost due to no lights and bumped into some suspicious drunk men.

How to Reach Palande Beach

Pune to Dapoli is around 194kms. Dapoli is well connected to other parts of the state by road however it is better to travel by own transport since once you get to Dapoli, Palande beach is at least about 10 kms away from the bus depot making it very difficult to use public transport.

Directions from Dapoli to Palande Beach:

  • Take the Harnai-Palande road from Dapoli
  • Follow this road for around 10.5 kms and you can see Palande Beach on the left.

(Road Route: Dapoli – Gimhavane – Asud Pul (bridge) – Saldure – Palande)

Places to Stay

  • Sea Princess Resort (Phone: 02358 243600)
  • Kalpawruksha Resort (Phone: 092263 47956)
  • There are quite a few Home-stays along the beach side, you can choose anyone according to your budget and preferences.

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