Mount Nebo & Dead Sea.. A Day trip

I arrived in Amman on a Weekend and there was one more day to start my work in office. I didn’t want to lose that opportunity, so I went ahead and booked a hotel cab for Mount Nebo and Dead Sea trip.

And what could have been better to begin a trip than a sumptuous middle-eastern breakfast at my hotel Imperial Palace Hotel.

Sumptuous Breakfast at hotel with Hummus, omelet, olives, cheeses and breads

This was a great day-trip to get out from hustling bustling Old Town Amman. I saw Mount Nebo and Dead Sea. I rented a private taxi for 54JD for the whole day (entrance fee to the below places weren’t included in this fee). The driver spoke moderate English and he was a friendly young man and could explain some histories on these places and always ready to click pictures for me.


For shopping you must buy some hand-crafted mosaics from shops near to mount Nebo towards Madaba, there are plenty of them there. They not only have wide variety of mosaic artwork, but also you don’t have to worry about buying fake things and pay extra prices. You can tour the factory, then they will take you to their shop. These hand-crafted mosaics are not cheap. The artists work very hard making these items with hand and many of them take months before getting the final products. These showrooms also usually carry Dead Sea products (like salt, mud, lotion, soaps, and etc.) for much cheaper price than the stores in Dead Sea.

An artist making tree of life mosaic

Places I Visited: 

I left my hotel at around 12pm and headed straight to Mount Nebo and by the time I was done with Dead Sea it was almost 5pm. The drive was very scenic through the rugged mountains, stony desserts, some green valleys and dramatic vast landscape. I even was fortunate to see a Bedouins settlement in the middle of nowhere.

Scenic view on the way
The view on the way to Mount Nebo
Bedouin Tribe Settlement

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo Map

Mount Nebo is located in western Jordan, just 10 km off Madaba near the northern end of the Dead Sea.

Me at Mount Nebo
View from Mount Nebo, because of not so clear weather, Bethelem was not visible.

980563_10203196566771694_7789828344412676820_oMount Nebo serves as a unique natural balcony for an aerial view of the Holy Land and southern Jordan. To the south, the view extends all the way across the Dead Sea reaching the Judean desert. Continuing to the west, one can perceive the lush greenery juxtaposed to arid desert landscapes in the Jordan valley. The hills surrounding Amman are plainly visible to the observer in the distance, and on the steep limits of the plateau Hesban and the mountain of Mushaqar.

On very clear days, when the visibility extends to its maximum, Bethlehem can be seen and not far from there, as well as the singular structure that served as Herod’s fortress of Herodium. Viewers can also catch glimpses of the towers and buildings of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives all the way to Ramallah.

The rolling stone used as fortified gate at Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo achieved notoriety through its inclusion in the Bible. According to the final chapter of Deuteronomy, Mount Nebo is where the Hebrew prophet Moses was given a view of the Promised Land that God was going to give to the Hebrews. “And Moses went up from the plains of Moab to Mount Nebo, the top of Pisgah, which is opposite Jericho.” (Deuteronomy 34:1). According to both the Jewish and the Christian traditions, Moses was also buried on this mountain by God Himself.

Mount Nebo Church
Floor Mosaic restoration was going on in Mount Nebo Church
Wired Cross at Mount Nebo

On the highest point, sit the remains of a Byzantine church and monastery, which were constructed by early Christians in the 4th Century and rediscovered in the 1930s, stand on the mountain’s highest point. You can access the Mount Nebo Interpretation Centre and the Basilica of Moses in just 1 JOD ticket, which contain a few very detailed Byzantine mosaic floors.

Dead Sea:

From there I had my driver drove me to the mysterious Dead Sea, a place I wanted to see and experience since my childhood. Finally got that opportunity 🙂

Dead Sea

Look on the other side of Dead Sea and you will see Jericho in West Bank.

Me at Dead Sea

You just have to pay JOD 10 at Dead Sea Spa Hotel to use their beach and you can also rent a towel and take a bath to remove sea sand and saline water off your body once you are done with your Dead Sea adventure. I cannot swim. So it was all the more greater adventure for me. Floating on the surface :). The area is amazing, gorgeous. Absolutely. I licked a huge salt bomb, and I use a mud. The water is oily and take care! Use a sunglasses in the water, because of it is irritating the eyes.

Without a doubt the world’s most amazing place, the Jordan Rift Valley is a dramatic, beautiful landscape, which at the Dead Sea (or Salt lake) which has Jordan on east and Israel on west bank, is over 400m below sea level. The lowest point on the face of the earth, this vast stretch of water receives a number of incoming rivers, including the River Jordan. Once the waters reach the Dead Sea it has no more movement, so it evaporate, leaving behind a rich mix of salts and minerals that has very high agricultural, medicinal and industrial value.

A long stretch of good road and excellent hotels with spa and fitness facilities make this place very enticing to national and international tourists at the same time.

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